Is Outsourcing Your Tenant Screening Process a Good Idea?

Is Outsourcing Your Tenant Screening Process a Good Idea?

From severe property damage to frequently missed rent payments, countless landlords have horror stories of terrible past tenants. If this describes someone you know, or yourself while trying to learn from experience, you know what a huge priority tenant screening is.

Here, we're going to talk about how outsourcing to property managers can help you prevent serious renter problems in the future. Read on for some benefits of hiring a property management company.

Professional Tenant Screening Tools

Tenant screening tools are not made equal, and you won't get comprehensive and accurate information with free online tools. Having expert-level screening software will ensure that you get a thorough wealth of information.

Screeners will quickly see past evictions, criminal records, credit scores, income history, and past residences. They know how to assess and analyze the information to form opinions about all rental applications. You won't need to worry about making errors and attracting the wrong tenants.

Saving Money (and Time)

Tenant placement in Greenville can be expensive when you need to purchase your own screening and placement tools. While you'll need to pay a property management company to do it for you, the costs will still be lower than if you purchased tools on your own. You also know that you're getting tried-and-true quality.

This also can save you a lot of time. You won't need to learn how to use new tools and software, and you won't need to spend hours plugging information into the technology. You can just rely on property managers to give you good information, which frees up time for you to network and expand your portfolio.

Less Vacancy

Professional outsourced tenant screening doesn't just mean higher-quality renters. It also means that you'll get people into your residences faster. This means that you'll collect rent ASAP and won't lose money because of vacancy.

Experts know how to conduct screening processes quickly and find tenants fast. You won't be left stumbling along for weeks or even months. Plus, since you likely want to get multiple families into your property, a professional can help you stay organized enough to get people in fast.

Tenant retention is also easier when you get people in quickly, and property managers handle maintenance requests and renter complaints fast. You'll keep more people around in the long run.

Legal Compliance in Greenville, South Carolina

There is a wide range of South Carolina laws governing landlords and tenants in Greenville. Some of them apply to tenant screening, specifically discrimination laws. Failing to comply with them could mean legal trouble in the future.

Unfortunately, it's easy for landlords to make compliance mistakes by accident. Professional screening companies are experienced in avoiding accidental errors, so you can stop serious problems from coming up later.

Start Outsourcing to Property Managers

Now that you know some reasons to leave tenant screening to the pros, it's time to begin outsourcing the process and attracting tenants the right way. PMI Upstate SC is committed to helping Greenville, South Carolina landlords find good tenants efficiently and inexpensively. Get a free rental analysis to see how much your property is worth.